Empowering & Enabling ex-servicemen, their families and people with needs.

First things first.

We don’t accept monetary help. We are a bridge between you and the beneficiaries you would like to help. Once you have identified a soldier’s family you want to help, we run a cross check at our end and then we connect you directly with them, while keeping a check on both the sides.

The Changemakers is committed towards making an inclusive society. We are on a mission to help the families of our soldiers killed or injured in action, by holding their hearts and hands and helping them lead life of utmost dignity and respect. 



Our training modules for ex-servicemen, include courses which are affordable, accessible, and designed to meet the specific needs of various professions.Our step-by-step process empowers our trainees to successfully solve problems,  make informed decisions, analyze risks and opportunities, prioritize issues, and develop skills to successfully make a transformation from military to civil world.


Rehabilitation of widows has been our foremost concern since day one to help them lead a life of dignity and respect. Our work encompasses:

  • Emotional & Professional counselling of women who have lost their husbands in action and war.
  • Familiarising them with their pension and related issues as well as advocating their matters (if any) at state as well as national level.
  • Making them aware and help them avail various government schemes. 
  • Raising funds for them for their trainings & employment, for example, enhancing their qualifications & skills, getting computer trainings, setting up of small businesses to make them self reliant. 


These schools for children with special needs provide rehabilitation and training facilities not only to handicapped offspring of Army and Air Force faculty and ex-servicemen but also to offsprings of children to make them helpful and autonomous individuals from society. Throughout the years, there has been unfaltering increment in the number of students. The educational programs runs in view of NIMH action arranged instructing. Other than instruction, the School gives language instruction, physiotherapy and professional preparing to suit children of contrasting needs and capacities.


Aim of this plan is to give grant to up to a most extreme of two kids of ex-servicemen or their widows, up to the positions of Havildar in the Army and proportional in the Navy and Air Force, and to widows for post graduation degree course.


Our implementation partners run specialised courses offer training in a wide variety of industrial, high-tech, office, and health-care skills. This competency area focuses on the existing knowledge and skills of our differently abled soldiers and hones them to effectively reach a certain level in their area of specialisation. This includes ensuring the engagement of all stakeholders in the planning and execution of the program. 

We offer intensive, short-term, specialized courses in specific areas like education, skill development, business development. 

Our Success

Since we started in 2017 we’ve seen the lives changed of over 50 plus families. A minuscule effort is slowly gathering ground.

If our beneficiaries don’t become self reliant, then we haven’t done our job. Through our training, skill development workshops & placement guidance we help them take the first step towards their financial independence.

We are just thee years young, but our work speaks for it self, the hands we hold, we hold hold them for life. These people are our strength they in turn go on and help others. It’s a chain reaction but we have miles & miles to go before we can actually call ourselves successful.


Whether you’re looking to spend time or money helping those who’ve served us, you can find a way to get involved.  Just fill in your details and areas of interest/specialization. We will get back to you shortly.