Special Schools

A wide variety of specialized schools catering to the unique needs of children with learning and attention challenges or developmental, emotional or behavioral issues.

These schools offer:

  • One-to-one instruction, social skills classes and comprehensive special education programming for K-12 students affected by ADD/ADHD, autism, behavioral disorders, developmental delays, dyslexia, giftedness and learning disabilities as well as those who are emotionally or medically fragile or severely disabled.
  • Specializes in multisensory structured language education (MSLE) and ABA; speech, occupational, music, equine therapies.
  • Constantly re-evaluating the needs of students with learning differences or underlying health issues, gifted students and others seeking greater academic challenge, home-schooled students, athletes, performers and others needing flexible schedules
  • Research-based instructional methods are supported by assistive technology and community-based instruction and offer the potential for post-graduation transition into employment training.
  • Incorporate language-acquisition skills and structured behavior management into daily curriculum. Offers art, choir, dance, drama, music, recreational therapy, occupational therapy and speech/language therapy. 
  • Have individualized instruction, low teacher-student ratios, a customized learning plan for each student and multisensory learning experiences. They blend technology and digital curriculum with collaboration among teachers and peers in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Students participate in a social skills curriculum while recouping and learning academic skills and goals; students build self-esteem and personal responsibility.
  • Comprehensive educational, therapeutic and habilitative programs for children 

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