People With Needs

People with needs are persons belonging to the marginalised section of our society. From an old lady in jhuggi to a group of migrant workers, to people and families affected due to violence, whether domestic or social we try to help them all.

We read about them in newspapers, social media, or see on television, or some acquaintance or a friend riches out to us , informing about some one or a family or a group of people. Our team in the field goes to their home or the place they are at, talks to them and people around them assess the situation, contact the local police station. After verifying all the facts we we start our work. We begin by first hearing them out. Then we work on our plan of action, whether it is related to housing, education, employment, rehabilitation, domestic issue or abuse. Based on the issue concerned we take our steps forward.

Some examples-

-I will give you an example of Bablu Bansuri wala, a flute vendor. One day while we were sitting outside, we heard somebody play beautiful Bansuri, I immediately went out and requested him for a video. I posted that widow on Twitter and there was a flood of people reaching out to him. I shared his bank details with the people who wanted to help financially, while another company volunteered to help him sell his flutes online. Times were tough, he was the only earning member of the 6 member family and due to COVID lockdown he was unable to sell. Many organisations like The Better India came forward to help him and now Bablu has a stable income.

-A friend’s driver had met with a fatal accident, leaving behind 6 children. One appeal on twitter and Facebook and a few phone calls, helped us collect funds for his family. A Fixed Deposit account was opened in his wife’s name so that she gets some monthly income.

-We received a WhatsApp message that a mentally weak child had gone out for cycling in Jalandhar and hasn’t returned for the past 24 hours. We all have children and we all know how scary this situation can turn out to be.Our team rushed to Jallandhar looking out, asking for the child. While we put out a social. Media Appel with the child’s photograph, which caught the attention of the Chief Minister of Punjab Capt Amarinder Singh, he ordered Punjab Police force to trace the child asap and within few hours we got the news that the child was found near the Delhi border.

People with needs, need not be the under privileged or people living below the poverty line. Need can be situation based, any emergency, medical or legal, abduction or extortion, our team, our angels try to help any distressed soul.

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