Ex-serviceman is a term used for a soldier who has served in the armed forces. These are the people who risked their lives for us and the fact is that we aren’t really taking care of them.

We recognize that the dedicated focus, translatable skills and unquestionable work ethic possessed by ex-servicemen enables us to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Formal mentoring gives them the structure to interact, engage, create and foster intentional relationships where people develop personally and professionally while achieving goal-oriented life outcomes. Informal training is profound in the seamless way that knowledge, lessons and ideas can be transferred among all the levels of transformation.The length of these courses can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the qualification and whether you study full time or part time.

These are few of the programs, we support with army welfare organisations, to help ex-servicemen prepare for these exams

These are all valuable stepping stones for our heroes, helping them become productive members of society once more, living independent lives.

Through our established partnerships and collaborations, programs that help these ex servicemen acquire both technical and life skills, are thriving. Every year thousands of service men join the ranks of the unemployed as we pull out from overseas peacekeeping assignments, thus, no time should be wasted – help in all forms is much needed.

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