Differently Abled Soldiers

The Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centres provide a domicile for paraplegic and tetraplcgic soldiers who either have no home of their own or cannot go there for social, economic, geographical or medical reasons. Free board and lodgings are provided for the inmates, who are encouraged to work in a sheltered workshop, enabling them to be usefully employed and to earn additional income.

Initially there were number of soldiers who were unwilling to be discharged from military hospitals, for a variety of reasons. Some had no homes of their own or had elderly parents unable to provide help. Others, who belonged to the Himachal Kumaon Hills or Nepal, found it impossible to propel wheelchairs in mountainous areas. Rajput soldiers from Rajasthan could not push their wheelchairs in the sand of their villages. In addition, of course, there was a group subject to frequent urinary infection or recurrent pressure sores.

Hence, Paraplegics Rehabilitation Centres were set up.

  •  Admit paraplegic / tetraplegic 100 % disabled soldiers for their medical care and   extended rehabilitations which includes physical, psychological, financial and sexual rehabilitation.
  • Provide after care for minor ailments, pressure sores, urinary tract infection and bowel upset for which they are prone/ pre-disposed.
  • Provide physiotherapy / hydrotherapy facilities to improve the residual muscle power.
  • Provide occupational therapy, vocational training in sheltered workshop and opportunities for job placement.
  • Look after the welfare like settlement of pension account, education of children and assistance for Defence Ministry and State / Central Govt.
  • Impart training on rehabilitation of paraplegics/tetraplegics to Doctors and paramedics    of armed forces and civil hospitals as a nodal agency.
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