We need you, my dear veterans

Indian Army needs you. I know a lot of you are very disenchanted and disappointed by what is happening around especially in the armed forces for the past few years. I talk to you, I read your posts on social media, your articles in various publications, we discuss and it breaks my heart to seeContinue reading “We need you, my dear veterans”

It Hurts Me To See Hinduism Going The Way Of Radical Islam

To all those, fighting for making India, a Hindu Rashtra: By all means, make India a Hindu Rashtra, spread the Hindutva way of living. But tell me—what kind of a Hindutva are we being served? It is certainly not what has been preached and practised in the books of Hinduism. How come it did notContinue reading “It Hurts Me To See Hinduism Going The Way Of Radical Islam”